The 15th National Conference on Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Held in Ningbo

From November 7 to 9, 2014, China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Exhibition & the fifteenth domestic high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer production and sales was held in Ningbo. The conference showed that the industry transformation ideas gradually clear, new functional fertilizer has become the leading role, electronic commerce and other marketing innovation to explore extremely hot, and the fertilizer policy adjustment has been more close to the market.  

According to the China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association statistics, more than 200 exhibitors took part in the current production and marketing exhibition, and the audience was more than 20 thousand on the opening day. The exhibitors in addition to the traditional fertilizer enterprises, the upstream and downstream firms such as, agricultural machinery, agricultural products processing also occupied a certain proportion.

Tianyu Huijing Group as the main exhibitor, the group executive vice president of marketing led every main leaders and cadre employees who are from every member firms attended this conference. At the conference, we showed a series of products of our own brand "Grenada dragon", "Tianbao Feng", and potatoes, flour and linseed oil and other high-end organic agricultural and sideline products that plant, product and process by Inner Mongolia YunTianhua Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. which is our joint venture with Yuntianhua Group.

During the conference, agricultural dealers across the country to further understand the Tianyu Hui Jing group operating scale, marketing system and development direction. And in-depth understanding of the group's fertilizer, agricultural and sideline products, product characteristics, product positioning, marketing model, etc.,  It has confirmed the dealer's confidence in cooperation with our group. Also, we  communicated and  negotiated with major manufacturers of phosphate and compound fertilizer, and laid a foundation for the next step of cooperation management.