Tianyu Huijing Group portal site (the "Website") attaches great importance to your personal privacy protection. Sometimes,we need some informations to provide you services by your request.

This Privacy Policy explains the data collection and usage.

This Privacy Policy applies to all related services. With the expansion of the scope of service of the Website, the content of the Privacy Policy will be instantly updated, the updated Privacy Policy once is announced on the webpage that effectively replaces the original one.


Usually, you can access the Website and get the information  on the condition of anonymity. We will ask for your permission when we need identify your personal information or some informations which can contact you. And, when you registers an user or applies for opening the new services functions, we may collect these informations, such as name, email address, address, phone number and other relevant information and solicit your confirmation.

Personal Information

     The Website strictly protects your personal information safety. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

     The Website will share your personal information in the legal requirements or according with the Website’s related terms of services and the software license agreement, or having to do with sufficient reasons.

     (a) Express provision with satisfying a liability or administrative regulation, and the legal procedure that have to be in line with the Website.

     (b) The Website’s related terms of services and the software license agreement.

     (c) After discussing with the user, the service product needs to provide transportation by third party.

The Website will not be shared your personal information with the third party without your permission, except for the above mentioned circumstances.


The Website does not bear any legal responsibilities for the occurrence of the following related matters.

Since you have tell the user password to others or share with others the registration bank account, the resulting leakage of any personal information, or any other causes that is not brought about by the Website.

The Website provides your personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations or government related policies.

Any the third party uses your personal information in accordance with the terms of service and the listed conditions of the Website, and the disputes arising therefrom.

Any temporary closure of the Website due to hacker attacks, computer viruses, or government control.

Any consequence caused by force majeure.

The terms of services and the use of the statement, or disclaimer in the Website.


In reasonable circumstances, we will give you a choice when it is required that you should provide your personal information. You can find more information about your choice in the Privacy Policy with a lot of particular services or common problems.

As you request, we will sincerely make a good effort to allow you to look up your personal information, and you can correct or delete the data that is inaccuracy when it is possible.

Hope that you will give us valuable opinions to our Privacy Policy, we will focus on correcting by your opinions. You can send comments to the, we will be in time to view and make improvements.