Group Profile

Inner Mongolia Tianyu Huijing Group,the headquarter of Tianyu Tianyu Huijing Group is located in Ulanqab(Inner Mongolia), which is famous for planting potato. Since its establishment, Tianyu Hujing Group, has always maken“To Benefit Hometown, To Reciprocate Society”as the duty, taken “To Practically Work, To Steadily Promote, To Be Honesty and Integrity, To Make Progress Together” as the business philosophy, always carried out “To Develop Trading and Industry Simultaneously, To Make Management and Development Progress Together” as the mainline. It is always persisted in the international and domestic trade as the development of industrial transformation, taken the agricultural chain as the foundation of the survival, started fertilizer production and processing as the foundation, supported the development ideas and management pattern about making import and export business greatly, specilizing in agricultural chain, strengthening logistics service and sticking to the development path to agricultural product management and processing, serving with the agricultural industrialization.

Now, Its Business involves in international and domestic trade, import & export customs, international transportation agency, agricultural production market, modern logistics service,grain, oil, mineral products, financial loan, modern ecological agricultural and information technology services.

The group currently has a total of 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 3 holding subsidiaries and 3 equity affiliates.

Erenhot Tianyu Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd. mainly carry out the international import and export trade; Inner Mongolia Tianbaofeng Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Tonghui Potash Fertilizer Co., Ltd. are engaged in fertilizer production and processing; Ulanqab Tianyu Agricultural Production Material Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Fuquan Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.,Inner Mongolia The North Salt Lake Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. deal with domestic agricultural products;Inner Mongolia Tianyang Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. and Wuhai Tianyu Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.are responsible for warehousing distribution and modern logistic services; Erlian Tianyuan Transportation Agency Co., Ltd is engaged in the port customs clearance and inspection services; Ulanqab Tianyun Small Loan Co., Ltd is aimed primarily at financial business for agricultural; Inner Mongolia Yuntianhua Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. takes the modern ecological farming、breeding industry and eco-cultural tourism industry as the main business; Beijing Tianmu Henghui Technology Development co., Ltd. mainly engages in researching and developing the e-commerce platform of agricultural industry business platform and functionality class  websites. Now, Tianyu Huijing Group has been already formed a relatively complete industrial chain with predominant agricultural line. Among the Erenhot Tianyu Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd.was elected unit of director of China Commerce of Metals Minerals & ChemicalsTrade Potash Coordination Committee and executive vice president unit of Potash Branch of China Inorganic Salts Industry Association.

Since Tianyu huijing Group has established, relying on the unique advantage in resource and team spirit of rising, bearing and being bold in innovation. With "To Be Honesty and Integrity, To Make Progress Together" as the business philosophy, it has constantly enhanced regional and industrial competitiveness, and rapidly grown to become the modern enterprise with honoring the contract, keeping the promise, good brand image, network-wide, good service and strong strength in Inner Mongolia. Group business volume increases year by year, the sustainable development situation is well, annual sales of all types of agricultural products amounts to 90 million tons. And sets up subsidiaries or overseas sales offices in the northeast, East China, North China, northwest, southwest, Wulanchabu City, Beijing, the annual sales income of more than 20 billion yuan.