The Commissioning Run Test of the Changes Project about the Large Particle Workshop was crowned with complete success

On January 29, 2015, with all staffs of Inner Mongolia Tianbaofeng Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. and every Supporting  equipment manufacturers great effort, the large particles workshop technical renovation project commissioning was crowned with complete success once.

The success of this technical renovation project marks the production of Inner Mongolia Tianbaofeng Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. into the era of automation, completely is divorced from the backward mode of production by experience and feeling. In the fertilizer industry segment has played a leading exemplary role.

The technical renovation projects ran successfully in the later period, compared with the traditional mode of production, it obtained a  number of outstanding achievements:

1、 Reduce the production cost, improve labor efficiency.

2、In the production of large particle, achieve electricity energy consumption reduced by 20%, 40% lower staffing, yield increased by 15%.

3、To optimize the working environment, manage science data, stable products quality.
4、With the industrial dust removal system, make the work environment of workshop for the solution of the fundamental. At the same time, in the process of production, take advantage of modern technology,  get the data of the front end , process, and the back-end data of manufacturing technique, it has provided the reliable production data for the production of management and technology.

In a word, this successful shows Tianyu people’s high efficiency, unity, the rigorous work styles and the spirit of overcoming the the difficulty to everyone again.